– For accreditation in Israel see link:

– For accreditation in Jordan:

Please complete the form to be found on the site of  electronically in Arabic for Arab nationalities and in English for other nationalities:

Attach a passport photo with a white background and e-mail both to:


– The deadline for submitting applications is 16:00 GMT on 15 May 2014.

– All media representatives, including each member of technical teams, must complete and e-mail this form individually.

– Please complete this form using the information as it is exactly on your passport.

– Media coverage guidelines and details will be announced closer to date.

For more information please call:

+962 778 500883

+962 778 500884

– For accreditation in Palestine:


Journalists must send their request for accreditation to

The information that must be sent is:

1. Full name

2. ID or passport number

3. Nationality

4. Agency

5. Position in the agency

6. E-mail

7. Cellular telephone

8. Photo with blue or red background (normal photos as used in Facebook unacceptable)

Failure to provide all that is requested will result in a failure of the accreditation process.

The deadline for registration is April 15, 2014 at 12.00 midday.

Accreditation does not mean the right to cover the events. The huge number of journalists will mean that only some will have direct access.

For any further information, contact:

Mr. Mohammed Asteih at 0569885160 0597142214/

Mr. Yazen Brahama at 0599287032