Situation of Christians in Palestine

Christians in Palestine are a part of the Christian population in the Holy Land. They represent 1.25% of the population in Palestine (50,000 Christians over 4,000,000 inhabitants). Muslims of course represent the majority of the Palestinian society.

Relations between Christians and Muslims in Palestine go back many centuries. They have learned to live together, passing through many high points and low points over the centuries. They share the same strong Palestinian Arab identity, the same language and culture, a shared history and the same belonging to the land.

Although a minority, Christians have always and still play a strong and sometimes unique role in many fields such as in the education and health services, in cultural life (literature, art, cinema), in journalism and in social activism. Christian Palestinians serve as a bridge between the Arab world and the West.

Christian Palestinians undergo the daily sufferings and humiliations, due to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip since 1967 alongside their Muslim Palestinian compatriots. They suffer from all the economic, social, and psychological consequences of this injustice, and are often tempted to emigrate.

They also observe with anxiety the situation of Christian Arabs throughout the Middle East faced by an exclusivist Islamic movement that often refuses to recognize Christians as co-citizens with equal rights, equal obligations and equal opportunities.