How many Catholics in the Holy Land?

The Catholics make up an important proportion of the Christians in the Holy Land.

In Israel, they constitute about 67% of the Christian Palestinians and in addition there are very large communities of Latin (Roman) Catholic migrants, a small community of Hebrew speaking Latin (Roman) Catholics and communities of Eastern rite migrants, Eastern Europeans, Indians and Africans.

In Palestine, Catholics constitute close to 50% of the Christians.

In Jordan, the Catholics constitute about 45% of the Christians. In addition there are large communities of Roman Catholic migrant workers and other Catholic refugees from Iraq and Syria.

In Israel, the breakdown of Catholics is estimated at:

Greek Catholics          48 000 + about 2 000 Greek Catholic migrants from Eastern Europe

Latin Catholics            24 000 + about 60 000 Latin Catholics among the migrants from Asia and Africa + hundreds of Latin Catholic Hebrew speakers

Maronites                     8 400 + about 3 000 from Lebanon

In addition there are a few Syrian Catholics and Armenian Catholics but no communities. There are larger groups of Ge’ez rite Catholics (from Eritrea) and Eastern rite Indian Catholics.

In Palestine, the breakdown of Catholics is estimated at:

Latin Catholics            17 850

Greek Catholics            4 650

There are small communities of Syrian Catholics, Maronites and Armenian Catholics.

In Jordan, the breakdown of Catholics is:

Latin Catholics            80 000 + 50 000 Latin Catholic migrant workers

Greek Catholics          32 000

There are small communities of Maronites, Armenian Catholics and Syrian Catholics as well as thousands of Chaldeans from Iraq.

(For Israel and Palestine, these numbers rely on the studies published by Diyar Publishers in Bethlehem: “Arab Christians in Israel”, edited by Johnny Mansour in 2012 and “Palestinian Christians in the West Bank”, edited by Rania Al Qass Collings, Rifat Odeh Kassis and Mitri Raheb in 2012).