Cardinal Sandri on Pope’s pilgrimage

In an interview with, a Franciscan site, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, Prefect for the Congregation of the Oriental Churches, spoke about the pilgrimage of the Holy Father.

Q. What does the forthcoming trip by the Pope to Amman and Jerusalem mean?

A. In Amman, the meeting between Pope Francis and the victims of this humanitarian catastrophe caused by the war in Syria, after the tragedy of Iraq, will be very important. Meeting the refugees will show that the Church is on the side of those who suffer, and will represent an invitation to the whole world for concrete help for these people. The trip will fundamentally have an ecumenical meaning, in the wake of a question that is asked of all of us and which is increasingly incomprehensible: why are we divided? Why, if we all believe in Christ are we displaying this spectacle of division? It is enormously significant that the Pope will meet the Patriarch Bartholomew and will embrace him exactly as Paul VI and Athenagoras embraced 50 years ago, in the Holy Sepulchre, which represents the place where the division of the Christians is felt at its greatest. There Francis and Bartholomew will embrace, to renew the promise of wanting to achieve unity, as in the oration to the Father of Jesus: “May they be one.”

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