Anthem for the Pope’s visit

The official anthem for the Pope’s visit was produced by a group of Holy Land musicians. The lyrics were written by Rabab Zaitoun and the music was composed by Luai Zaher and Rabab Zaitoun.

Listen to the anthem here

The words of the anthem are:

In the footsteps of Francis


With you we go onward as witnesses to Christ
Spreading the light of the Word in the footsteps of Francis

1. With you we go like Mary with the light of the Nativity
We keep the covenant that we gained in the water of baptism
And the Cross of our Redeemer, its power, protects us
We carry it and go forward, good news for the enslaved.

2. With you we seek the face of the Redeemer in every human being We plant love that blossoms into joy, we witness to faith
And the Church of our Redeemer invigorates us with her sacraments
We are nourished by them and we go forward immersed in safety

3. With you we vest the cloak of mercy among all creatures
We become apostles of peace among the nations of the earth
The Gospel of our Redeemer, its light guides us
We live by it and go forward calling for amity.

4. With you we raise our prayer from the land of holiness
We pray for the East in pain, lost on its way
The love of our Redeemer preserves us and enriches us
We clothe ourselves in it and go forward on the path of deliverance.

5. With you we sing the resurrection and proclaim life
Bearing witness to Peter meeting his brother once again
Jesus our Redeemer commands us to unity
Let’s listen and go forward, our goal to gratify Him.