Celebration at Gethsemane – Instructions

1. Only those registered can participate in the celebration at Gethsemane.

a) Each participant must be equipped with special badge with his name and passport or identity card.

b) For those who are registered, the badges can be picked up in the office of AOCTS at Notre Dame of Jerusalem, along with the permits for cars and buses.

2. NB: There will be no direct access to Gethsemane, all roads in the vicinity will be closed to cars and pedestrians, as well as the streets around the Old Town. There will probably be changes in the operation of public transport in Jerusalem as well.

3. All participants should gather at two meeting points (where one can also park cars):

a) South: MAISON D’ABRAHAM(House of Abraham) (Ras al-Amud ) For those who come from
– Bethlehem and the region (you must pass by the Mukabber road!)
– Abu-Dis
– Bethany
– The Mount of Olives (you must pass through Bethphage!)

b) North: DOMINICAN ECOLE BIBLIQUE (Dominican Convent St-Etienne – Nablus Road, 6)
for those who come from:
– Israel (Galilee, Tel Aviv and the region, Ramle, Latrun, Beit Shemesh, etc.).
– Nablus and north of Palestine
– North of Jerusalem (Beit Hanina, etc.).
– West or Center of Jerusalem

4. The arrival at the meeting-points: 11:30 to 13:30. Please take into consideration the traffic problems and road closures!

5. At the meeting points, everyone will pass through a first control-point. Badges and documents are needed. We will then be transported in special shuttles to the Basilica of Gethsemane. The last bus will leave at 14:00! (And it may be full, so come early.) Those who arrive first will have the best places and time to pray in this holy place!

6 . At the entrance of the Basilica of Gethsemane we will go through a second badge and document control-point.

7. It’s forbidden to use cell phones and cameras inside the church.

8. At 14:30, all access to the Basilica will be closed. From 15:00 to 16:00, we will have a Holy Hour led by seminarians. At 16:00, the prayer meeting with Pope Francis begins.

9. At the end of the meeting, and after the departure of the Pope and his entourage, at about 17:30, all participants will be transported by shuttle to the Maison d’Abraham (House of Abraham) or to the Dominican Ecole Biblique.