Speech of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Mgr. Fouad Twal, in Gethsemane, May 26, 2014

A few meters from here, from the Mount of Olives, Jesus wept as he looked over the city of Jerusalem.
Beneath our feet, in the garden of Gethsemane, the agony of the Master took place. Anguish that he never had and that which continues through the agonies of the people and of every human being.
Jerusalem is a city that unites all believers, and at the same time divides them. It is the city of Calvary, as well as the city of Hope and Resurrection.
Your Holiness, in the footsteps of Jesus, we are grateful to be here with you to pray, to live the agony of suffering and perhaps even to cry. With you and before you are some of our dear consecrated men, women religious and seminarians, representing about a hundred different congregations. They are our strength and our wealth . With their lives, their daily crosses and their joy of consecration, perpetuate in small measures, the mystery of salvation, of life, of the cross, death and resurrection.
Like Jesus in Gethsemane, our dear consecrated brothers and sisters are an integral part of the local Church, yet often feel alone and forsaken. Through you and your voice, we ask the Christian world and our brother bishops for more proximity and understanding, more solidarity and sense of belonging to this Mother Church.
Holy Father, the clergy, consecrated men and women, and seminarians are around you, to draw from your presence in our midst, hope and courage and ask for your paternal blessing.